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The Holy Church of the Electric Chair

We dare to be offensive

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This community exists to reclaim the offensiveness of the Gospel.

With that said, here are some of the rules.

This community has a simple premise: to dispense with fluff and fanfare, and get to the root of Christian claims. In this, we seek a living spirituality. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Our focus is not on peripheral Christian issues (like valid baptism ceremonies, cool Christian bands, and the best Bible translations). Our main focus is on the essentials of faith, and the offensiveness thereof.

This community is less concerned with propositions, and more concerned with eternal truth, relational interaction with God and Scripture, and the effect faith has upon our lives.

We do not seek a safe faith. We seek a faith that isn't afraid of danger. To us, Jesus is not a proposition, but a reality. We do not see things in black and white; we see things through a red perspective -- a bloody perspective. The Gospel is violent; and through this violence, we find peace. Through death, we find life. Redemption is a paradox. Life is absurd.

We claim the electric chair as a symbol because the cross is no longer offensive. It has become a lovely piece of jewelry. Give us an instrument of death instead!

Above all, this community exists to be an expression of Divine Love.

If you are looking for safe Christianity, go away. Unbelievers are welcome as perhaps you will find the Holy Church of the Electric Chair to be conducive to your own search for Truth.